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14 May, 2018

How do you lead when the pressure, speed, and precision are constant objectives

The companies are continually discussing with external forces. The companies’ leaders have to understand the

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14 Abr, 2018

From “using the others’ time” to “to reach strategy’s objectives” in a few steps.

“Leaders build the future with their teams. Bosses are monitoring that their employees dedicate the

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13 Mar, 2018

What do you do on your first day as a boss?

Today is Monday, and a lot of people start them job’s first day. In Chile,

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3 Nov, 2017

Millennials like leaders, threat for other candidates or danger for companies?

About millennials are saying that they are irresponsibles, ambitious and egocentrics, by the way, can

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27 Jul, 2017

Leaders, let our teams work happier

These years will be known how the years where the population was looking for balanced

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17 Jul, 2017

Three activities which differentiate a leader

To organize the work, share congratulations and protect our team in tough times, will differentiate

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3 Jul, 2017

Not just respect your client… do the same with your team

Do we respect our clients?. Yes?, excellent. Are we worried about respect the work of

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7 Jun, 2017

In Technology Rev… from Revolution to Revenue (ution)

The last months we lived the Samsung, Google I/O & Apple WWDC Keynotes… what I

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11 Sep, 2016

Vision, Mission, Strategy & Goals… but Principles will define your experience

On my short years like a #MillenialManager, I have learned a lesson related with Principles. Why

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12 Jul, 2016

Ideas for motivating our teams…

Teamwork is a key player. But, not always the team members are on fit or

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