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31 Ene, 2023

Cyclic Sighing, la técnica de respiración para disminuir el estrés, ansiedad y mejorar el ánimo

Cyclic Sighing, una técnica les permitirá apoyar a sus equipos para que mejoren su calidad

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14 Abr, 2018

From “using the others’ time” to “to reach strategy’s objectives” in a few steps.

“Leaders build the future with their teams. Bosses are monitoring that their employees dedicate the

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3 Nov, 2017

Millennials like leaders, threat for other candidates or danger for companies?

About millennials are saying that they are irresponsibles, ambitious and egocentrics, by the way, can

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27 Jul, 2017

Leaders, let our teams work happier

These years will be known how the years where the population was looking for balanced

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17 Jul, 2017

Tres tareas que diferenciarán a un líder

Organizar el trabajo, compartir las felicitaciones y proteger a nuestros equipos en tiempos difíciles, nos

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17 Jul, 2017

Three activities which differentiate a leader

To organize the work, share congratulations and protect our team in tough times, will differentiate

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