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From “using the others’ time” to “to reach strategy’s objectives” in a few steps.

“Leaders build the future with their teams. Bosses are monitoring that their employees dedicate the maximum time to their job. Are you well using what you have?”

The leader must guide his team in aiming the company’s objectives. Leaders should to understand the current situation and determine what does need to be executed to complete the challenges established. The people who overview the daily work and is respected by his position should enjoy very well the very few pleasant moments that the future will hold.

The unknowledge about how is the company, which is the future the company pretends, how the executed projects are aligned with the objectives, and the inability of taking actions about developing initiatives that increment problems and are using resources on an inefficient way, are flaws that I experienced how IT and business processes consultant helping to decision makers; and situations that I have to take action while I was the team leader, like a CxO member.

Until today, I continue with a sensation about how bad we work, because we haven’t understood how to reach the proposed objectives.

On the next paragraphs, I will present a methodology to improve the link between daily work and the company’s objectives. If we understand what we are doing, we will more effective in getting the situation we want.

Run, Grow, Transform Method

Living beings are continually evolving, either staying in shape, growing or renewing us. The same situation happens with companies.

A company which maintains itself in shape, try his process will be faster, better and cheaper. A growing company is looking to expand what are doing. If it did in a factory, it would do in two. If it did in a city, it would try in a country. Finally, those that are transformed because don’t want to do the process, as usual, they did, or just will dedicate to do other activities.

The Gartner Consultant’s method called “Run, Grow and Transform,” can be extended over technology because technology is affecting the business process transversally.

The strategies from Run, Grow and Transform method can be summarized on:
– Run Strategy, for companies which should maintain their capabilities.
– Grow Strategy, for which need improve an extend the companies’ facilities
– Transform Strategy, for organizations which require changing their principal vectors to assimilate new ones.

What do companies do to assimilate the strategies in our daily work?

Team leaders must understand either the company’s objectives and their role in the enterprise. Since this understanding, we can identify different functions and assign time dedication and prioritize. In this way, we will know how are our team composed of aiming objectives.

  • Operational leaders will be the people who understand how business processes work and establish the mechanism to ensure their proper execution, minimizing losses time when problems appear.
  • Improve leaders will be who knows which are the business processes’ bottlenecks and will be motivated to unstack, expanding the improved possibilities.
  • Finally, innovation leaders, whose enjoy becoming on companies’ Morphosis’ articulator. They are skillful in changing team operation and giving alternatives which are reluctant to change.

Projects are the faithful reflection of where we are moving. Maybe we think that big transverse project is which do companies evolve; however, the daily work let to explain better what are we doing most of the time.

If a reader is used to commercial tasks, we can think on Run Projects to the initiatives we dedicated to maintaining the market share or the client number. An evolution allowed by a Grow project is when we improve the business process to increase either market takeover and serving more clients. Finally, the Transform Strategy will be the project dedicated to converting offline to online methods and will establish the omnipresence on customer dialogs

But not just is in the commercial area where the company’s evolution is at stake. Daily, the operations with a Run Strategy will intend to maintaining either the machinery’s availability and
services delivered with the lowest non-working hours. Which beliefs on Grow Strategy will try to open a new production line or to establish another facility in a new city. When customers dialog’ processes will be directly from the distribution centers, avoiding physical stores the Transformation Strategy will require improving the logistic, attending users on time and form wished by the customers.

The technology was the origin of this Run, Grow and Transform Strategy. We can forget that both maintaining servers or services always available are related to the Run Strategy. The use of microservices, new databases or cloud infrastructure, will be the growth strategy. And a Transform Strategy could be the Artificial Intelligence use for generating online sales through the one-on-one marketing.

When we identify all those projects, we can understand what are we dedicating most of our time. We will maintain the operations overall or try to increase the sales volume and the margins to obtain more incomes. Maybe, we are looking for new challenges which let to discover new industries or business. Nevertheless, which is the best possible combination?.

It’s natural to understand that the company’s strategy is a mix of Run, Grow & Transform Strategies, and nobody can ensure the future of the company, trusting just in two. However, to identify priorities, will help to disappear the stakeholders criticize because the daily work will be the exit from the comfort zones, where business processes’ responsible and accountable dedicate enough time to manage the budget designated and the task that help to reach the objectives. It’ll be leader’s work to say no to ideas no prioritized by the company, even when discouraging people with power, trying to force.

We will learn to identify guess who in our work team and which are the kind of project we are working. We need to classify the objectives to understand how are we going to organize our efforts.

We have three tasks:

  • To know the objectives
  • To plan the projects
  • To invite to participate at the people in jobs, they are better prepared.

With all this information, we can work and say no when your team needs your protection.

If you believe this methodology could be useful, then share it with your company. Are you ready to risk to understand if you are leading or just maximizing the dedicated time to work for the company?

If you need more information, here is the additional data you need: Run, Grow & Transform Model

You can communicate with me, through social networks, my website or in the notes of this channel. If you need help, don’t doubt on writing me, if you want to help to coordinate your team, I’ll be available.

Have an excellent week. We will meet again in the next episode of “I Want To Lead.”

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