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What do you do on your first day as a boss?

Today is Monday, and a lot of people start them job’s first day. In Chile, yesterday we had the government’s tradition and today there are a lot of people which start them first day leading a new team.

Today, is my first day too. I want to give information related with strategy, leadership and management… because I love them. Because this, I start again to write on this place.

Like a boss, What would you do on your first dad? Probably, you will meet with the person who hire you, a meeting with your teammates and a general session with your team. Please, don finish your first day without schedule a personal meeting with everyone in your team.. Tell them that you want to meet them in a 10 minutes’ meeting. According to my experience, whet I had this 1-by-1 meeting, the results were exceptional. Why didn’t do always? Today, I’m sure that always I’m going to do.

A good leader is a good teacher. A team which realice you want everybody will be happy (you don’t want it?, you don’t deserve be there), to know them objective and you’re looking for reach the business objective. Be concise, between 5 to 9 minutes is enough (you can check this link to confirm a theory about that)

Repeat the meeting periodically, isn’t enough to start like a good leader. You’ll need to adjust and reinforce the relationship.

Focus your work on let them to work happy, achieve the business objective and the personal ones… everything start from inside.