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Three activities which differentiate a leader

To organize the work, share congratulations and protect our team in tough times, will differentiate us from other team chiefs

Tobe a leader, an interesting and attractive role, more even when everything is going well and you are being highlighted by that. However, we should remember that leaders don’t reach results. Leaders are responsible for people who are responsible for getting objectives. The leader’s actions can help or ruin the work team’s experience

But, it’s usual listening that leaders are competitive people. and… yes, we are… but the way how we manage the rewards will differentiate leaders respected by their teams and identified like a reference.

Photo by Greg Raines on Unsplash

We could say that leaders have some fundamental tasks to develop. If we accomplish on a good shape, our teams will push us into the most valued’s picture.

Our main job is organizing the work, guiding our team and the project we need to complete. We must to identify the objectives and glimpse what can come from the future. The path will have adversity and we’ll just have to take tough decisions. Well, those tough decisions have to be executed on privacy and without advertising. The honesty and discretion are valued by our teamwork.

Nobody is admired by broadcasting live how he sacrifices a team member

When the objectives will be reached, depending on project’s relevance, you will be really busy receiving congratulations. You are the person who must transmit and inherit those congratulations. Your team reaches the objective, you will transport the result. You will receive congratulations, but the responsibility for reaching them, need to feel that they are valued by that.

Is really important transmit the congratulations to your team, but is more important protect them when things are not going well. If the objective doesn’t be reached, maybe the path wasn’t the right, maybe we couldn’t anticipate what problems were coming or because we couldn’t make the tough decisions to reach the correct port. With the same momentum that we enjoy the praise, we should assume the responsibility. These events will mark a leader, a leader that many people will want to be part of our team.

How many times have we seen Chiefs boasting about their achievements, hiding the job done by their team? How many times have we seen people avoiding their responsibility? Maybe, we know uncountable situations where people avoid their responsibility, because they don’t want to stain their suits used to enjoy their position, day by day.

Photo by Ethan Weil on Unsplash

We can let our pride behind and still be competitive, sharing the Triumph’s profit… simply, being responsible.

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