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Not just respect your client… do the same with your team

Do we respect our clients?. Yes?, excellent. Are we worried about respect the work of our team?… uhm… frequently (maybe always) to give value added to our clients, will require extra/complex/different activities executed by our team. Are they prepared to give this value added?

Respect is a bidirectional value. If we give respect to our team, we are going to get a lot of the same. The same situation occurs when we ignore them

When we sell a product, a service or try to get attention, we are delivering our value proposition. This proposition should be an extraordinary experience. An experience that could be easy to reach, with a prepared and well equipped team.

If companies look for scale economics through saving money on how our team are equipped, or avoiding to consider the extra activities required to give the value added proposed, the result will be a stressed product or service. A result hard to be repeated, but it can be worked with an extraordinary public relations team’s job, trying to maintain the smile on our client’s face and keeping our team’s rage and frustration at bay.

Keeping our team’s rage and frustration at bay could be a really hard work if you aren’t involved in the matter

We can be sure that all of us want to give a better value added, and everyone want to have the minimal and enough tools for working, or at least be informed on which kind of magic they need to accomplish. All of us want to build the widest horizontal relationship possible and going deeper with our customer’s requirements. The dream of being as complete as a supermarket, as precise as a bank and whole connected like the most famous social networks, require equipped teams to help us, not teams working on the castle we have sold over ice cream sticks.

Now, we can go with our manufacturing/developing team, and restarting to build our relationship… or saying thank your for all the work that you have been doing during these period of time, together.

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