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In Technology Rev… from Revolution to Revenue (ution)

The last months we lived the Samsung, Google I/O & Apple WWDC Keynotes… what I think about them… the bottom line’s guys are happier than the no more button’s guys.

While the “Techies” are waiting for a technology revolution. The shareholders still waiting to receive their revenues, while watching the shares at their historical maximum.

Why are we waiting for another revolution, from the people who were responsible for the last one? Maybe we need to understand that the responsibility of Samsung, Google, Apple, Microsoft & other top tech companies are more related with their shareholders before their locked in clients.

The next months, Samsung/Apple/Google/Microsoft fans will have in their hands the “best products ever created”. Yes, the same “best products” that didn’t have anything innovative during the last months.

The innovation will come from other actors who want to take risks. We will have new players, and our new big companies like Samsung/Google/Apple/Microsoft will have to choice between a behavior like companies who doesn’t want to leave their privileged position, or like the big companies who they confronted 15 years ago.

What can the future have prepared for us? The developing of amazing computing capabilities, that will establish the base of other technologies related to the Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence… for home users.

10 years ago we had a technology revolution, well apparently… these days are for who will enjoy the technology revenue(ution).

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