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Ideas for motivating our teams…


Teamwork is a key player. But, not always the team members are on fit or know what is required from each one. Always work hard and push the exigence level higher.

Each member is special, each one counts

Our team members need to feel appreciated. We need active participants on each activity, not passive ones.

An experience with The Institute of Great Place to Work taught me that messages are key. The messages not just require to be honest and direct, besides they need to have with five characteristics, calls UGIFT (Unique, Generous, Individualized, Fit the context, Together).

What does mean UGIFT? How can we apply those to each message?

  • Unique: Create messages to motivate your team, each team member requires one.
  • Generous: If you just changes the subject on your messages, you aren’t working on Unique characteristics. You have to be generous. Each member deserves that his boss spends time looking for the proudest aspect of their work.
  • Your message has to be individual. Is really difficult to find people who has the same proud aspects in their life.
  • You aren’t going to congratulate somebody by a situation happened two weeks ago. You have to be ready to know what’s going on with your team. Your message has to be tuned with the situation.
  • Finally, everyone has to be candidate to receive the leader’s message. Everyone have to have the same conditions with his teammates.

To develop a Great Place to Work, we have to build a solid culture which can create competitives advantages. To create this environment, 3 steps:

  1. Listen the team and what they want to say.
  2. Define ways of work that allow our teams reaching the aims.
  3. Give direct and honest messages

Question of the day

How do you get informed on what’s going on around you?

Quote of the day

It’s not what or who you know. It’s where you go — @GaryVee

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