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  • How do you lead when the pressure, speed, and precision are constant objectives

    The companies are continually discussing with external forces. The companies’ leaders have to understand the environment where they are operating, to define how to be precise, fast, and agile.The effectivity of this precision, agility, and speed depends on the comprehension of environmental changed. About how this environment favors the innovation and changes that improve results. […]

  • From “using the others’ time” to “to reach strategy’s objectives” in a few steps.

    “Leaders build the future with their teams. Bosses are monitoring that their employees dedicate the maximum time to their job. Are you well using what you have?” The leader must guide his team in aiming the company’s objectives. Leaders should to understand the current situation and determine what does need to be executed to complete […]

  • What do you do on your first day as a boss?

    Today is Monday, and a lot of people start them job’s first day. In Chile, yesterday we had the government’s tradition and today there are a lot of people which start them first day leading a new team. Today, is my first day too. I want to give information related with strategy, leadership and management… […]

  • Millennials like leaders, threat for other candidates or danger for companies?

    About millennials are saying that they are irresponsibles, ambitious and egocentrics, by the way, can we be good leaders? Will we be a threat for other leadership’s candidates or a danger for companies? In this Age, I seriously believe that both empty and looking for workers and company’s sustainable growth will be the base of […]

  • Leaders, let our teams work happier

    These years will be known how the years where the population was looking for balanced life, where everyone is looking to work happier and enjoy their life. On this balanced life’s search, leaders have the opportunity to generate a rich environment where our team can find the best balanced life available. From another point of […]

  • Three activities which differentiate a leader

    Three activities which differentiate a leader

    To organize the work, share congratulations and protect our team in tough times, will differentiate us from other team chiefs Tobe a leader, an interesting and attractive role, more even when everything is going well and you are being highlighted by that. However, we should remember that leaders don’t reach results. Leaders are responsible for […]